Tuesday 3 March 2015

Troublesome Toddler and The Big Move

So James is 30 months old or two and a half years. In six more months my tiny 6lbs 15oz little boy is going to be three!! I feel like I have blinked, especially in the last six months, and my little boy has really grown up. 

He really amazes me on a daily basis with all the new things he is coming out with and doing.

But he can also be a little devil. He hates being told no and boy does he show you if he does not like something. 

We are currently packing up our house ready to move again, but this time it's not to another rented house, it's into our own house which we are in process of buying. 

We are so excited, but also stressed, to be finally buying our own house after almost seven years together, married for four years this month and one gorgeous cheeky monkey. 

It's a lovely three bed roomed terraced house not far from where we a living at the moment.

I look forward to sharing our journey of moving on here and decorating our new home to suit us. 

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