Thursday 25 February 2016

Freddie at Three Months!

Freddie Bear how can you be three months old already! It does not feel five minutes since you were born and all of a sudden you are three months old!

You are smiling so much now and cooing! You are loving your bath time and it's my favourite time of the day as you are smiling and laughing at me! You don't like having your hair washed just like your big brother!

You are in size two nappies & wear 0-3 clothes. You are taking 5oz at every feed normally every three hours but quite often you decide to go every two hours. 

You sleep pretty good which I'm so proud of. You generally have a feed around nine pm then wake between three and four then sleep till around seven or eight. We have had the odd night though where you have had a feed at eleven pm then slept through till seven am!

You have moved out of your moses basket and into a crib, still in mummy and daddys room though as you are a bit of a grumper in your sleep and we want to keep you in with us. I know James was in his room at eight weeks but his room was closer to ours then and yours would be at opposite end of the upstairs. Plus with the fact you had the Bronchiloitis and you still get pretty snuffly during the night.

Your hair is starting to go blonde like your big brother, you still have blue eyes like mummy, daddy & James but yours are a deep blue where as your big brothers are a bright blue!

We have so much to look forward to this year with your first trip to the beach being the one I'm looking forward to the most! I'm hoping you have a better reaction to the sand than your brother who hated the beach and cried every time we went till he was three when he suddenly had a change of heart and loved it!

We have got ourselves into a brilliant routine in the mornings when James is at nursery! We go to three groups a week on a Monday, Tuesday & Thursday! On a Wednesday and Friday we chill out at home, you normally have a feed and chill on your bean bag while mummy does house work or does Blog work!

You absolutely adore your big brother and you cannot take your eyes off him when he is in the room! You love it when you are on your play gym and he comes over and plays with the balls as it makes a funny noise which you love! James is getting better with you, he has held you a few times and also kissed your head! He loves switching on your owl when you are grumping in your bed or if you are crying on your changing mat he will bring you a toy!

I wonder what you will be doing at four months! James was starting on solid food but I really hope you are not following in his footsteps!

Love you always my little bear cub



  1. I find from four months they just seem to suddenly learn much more. Reaching out for things and trying to crawl etc. Lovely pictures x

  2. With his three groups a week he has a much better social life than I do! What a little cutie, that smile is adorable. He's already super photogenic x

  3. What a cutie - it's amazing how much they change in a few short months isn't it

  4. Oh how adorable. Always nice reading updates xx

  5. It's good that ur getting him out and about by going to groups we go to a few a week too. I hope u all have a lovely time when u go the the beech.

  6. What a babe! That boy is super scrummy. Enjoy it, time goes far too quickly and you have a 2 year old before you know it xx

    1. Oh I know! It don't seem five minutes since James was a baby & he's now almost 4!

  7. Oh what a cutie, they change so much with every month that passes. It'll be wonderful for you to read these updates back when he's older as like me, you'll probably forget everything. Great photographs x

  8. What a gorgeous little man you have! It's crazy how quickly time passes. I think the days seem to pass in a blur at first! x

  9. So cute. They grow up so quickly. We had a hard first few months with chloe. Matthew was a bit easier but there was things that are easier with chloe now.