Thursday 25 February 2016

The Super Yummies

The Super Yummies 

Being a mum to a fussy three year old, I'm always on the look out for new snacks as James can get bored of things very quickly. So when we got the chance to review 'The Super Yummies' part of the Cow & Gate family we jumped at the chance. We have always loved Cow & Gate products as a family, using them first for James and now with Freddie. 

The Super Yummies range includes freeze dried fruit and vegetables, fruit pouches, rice cakes and bread sticks.

We were sent tomato and herb bread sticks, pear and berries rice cakes, beetroot and parsnip slices, strawberry and yoghurt pieces, Apple and forest fruits yoghurt pouch and a strawberry, kiwi and banana squeeze.

The first thing that stands out for me is the packaging. It's bright and clearly shows what the product contains by the pictures. James was very easily able to identify some of the fruits namely strawberries, apples & pears. 

The breadsticks come in a resealable packet which to me is a huge hit, as it means I don't have to go hunting round the kitchen for one of my sealing clips which do tend to go walk about.
The rice cakes were really yummy! I normally would only buy savoury flavours but these fruit ones were really nice for something different. James loved them and so did mummy!

The pouches have to be my favourite part of the range as James adores them! He loves nothing better than one of these after nursery as a snack. He could probably eat these all day!

We took the freeze dried strawberry and yoghurt pieces with us on a recent day out and James loved them! They were different to the normal snacks I would have in my bag for him. I thought he would be fussy with them as they were something different but he surprised me and loved them! 

Over all we LOVE 'The Super Yummies' I will definitely be buying some more for our snack cupboard! I have already spotted them in our local Tesco & Boots stores!

For more information on the different products in 'The Super Yummies' range please visit:

**We were sent these samples free of charge, however all words and pictures are my own**

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  1. These sound fab! The only problem would be that I'd keep stealing them! ;)