Wednesday 8 February 2017

Day out essentials with Two under Four!

Days out with two kids four and under can be hard work. If I'm only nipping to do school run then I will just grab my Pink Lining mini yummy mummy bag as it has a changing mat and I can fit a nappy, some wipes, my purse, keys and phone into it.

For a longer full day out or trip into Newcastle city centre then I use my Babymule! I use this bag simply because it is amazing! 

So for a day out with the two boys, what's in my bag!
Starting with the large back pocket, in here I keep the changing pouch complete with changing mat. In there is normally four nappies in a size 5+ and a pack of baby wipes. Then we have the small zipped bag where I keep a baby grow, a vest, a bib and a muslin incase or sick or poonami! Next is the second pocket. In here I keep a pencil case, a rolled up bib and James toilet seat. In the small pocket I keep my keys on the key hook, an extra pen and a packet of mints. In the top small pocket is where the messenger bag strap is kept! The pocket on the front is where the bottle bag is so I normally will carry a bottle made up in there just in case.

So that's what's in my Babymule, but what do I keep under the pram? 
I try to keep the basket quite clear when we are out, but I do keep some important items in it! First is the rain cover as you never know when it is going to rain! The second important item is our SnoozeShade. Most people assume this is a summer item, but no it's not! I use ours all year round! It's actually attached to the frame as I never know when I am going to need it! Not only does it keep the low winter sun out of Freddie's eyes, but it keeps the chilly north east wind off him! I also keep a bottle of water in there too.

So those are our essentials for a day out with two kids under four! If you think I have forgotten anything please comment below!

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