Tuesday 28 February 2017

Living Arrows 9/52

And so half term is over and James is back at school! I'm ready for a rest! 

This week the boys have been to the dentist! Both were really good and opened their mouths! Although nana did bribe James with his latest craze zomlings(??) 

We have chilled out this week watching lots of Netflix and playing online games! James is crazy about the cbbc program Swashbuckle so we have been watching it on BBC iplayer and playing the games in the cbbc website! Then on Friday as it was daddy's day off work mummy, daddy and James went to see the Lego batman movie! James loved it but mummy and daddy found it rather cheesey. It was also James first visit to the cinema and he loved it! Although I think the popcorn might have helped!

While we were at the cinema nana and gaga took Freddie off around the metro centre! He's learning to walk and will confidently toddle along holding your hand and has done five steps on his own! It won't be long before I have two boys running me riot!

So it's back to school and back into a routine for mummy and Freddie! Having James at home totally knocks me for six and I get so confused as to what day it is and what I'm doing when!

Living Arrows


  1. I don't have an older child but I still get confused over what day it is. Lovely photos.

  2. We have the dentist tomorrow! I am not looking forward to it!

  3. I remember how much our two hated the dentist - it sounds like yours did great! I am pretty much addicted to Netflix at the moment! x