Tuesday 7 February 2017

Living Arrows 6/52

It's been a busy week for James and Freddie, even with a poorly mummy. Nana and Gaga had to come look after Freddie on Friday afternoon so mummy could rest. James had a busy week at school but was thrilled that Gaga came to collect him!

James successfully filled his reward box again, so was rewarded with a hot chocolate at Starbucks and then his happy meal at McDonald's. The week ended with James getting his new highback booster car seat, meaning Freddie could move into his old one! 

Freddie 'graduated' from his maxi cosi cabriofix into James old maxi cosi rubi. His first trip facing forwards was eventful! He loved being able to see out the windows, but he's still not a fan of traffic lights! As normal he winged and whined when the car stopped at traffic lights!

Living Arrows

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  1. How cute does Freddie look in that new seat?! And well done James - that hot choc looks like a great reward! x