Monday 20 February 2017

Living Arrows 8/52

Another week of Living Arrows and what a week it has been! We started this last week with James still ill and ended it with Freddie ill! James got back to school on Wednesday after being off ill for a week and sadly only lasted three hours before mummy had to bring him home. I had been in his school for a morning with Piccolo Music so the parents could see what the children had been learning this half term and no sooner had I arrived in his classroom with Freddie I could see James had taken a turn for worse again. He did soldier on and it was at the end of the session when his TA checked his temperature and it had shot right back up again it was decided I would take him home and keep him off till after the half term holiday. James has also had his hair cut at last! And boy does he look handsome! 

Freddie has loved having his big brother around while he's been ill and absolutely adored going into his school! He loves all the attention he gets of James friends and teachers! A few of the teachers have already said they are looking forward to Freddie starting the school which will be in September 2019! Since James was off ill we decided to come up to his nana and gaga's house for an extra couple of days for a change of scenery for the boys. All was going well and we had been to the park and been to Alnwick, then Saturday night Freddie slept for a grand total of an hour and was screaming and crying all night! Nana, mummy and James then spent three hours on the Sunday afternoon at the urgent care centre at Wansbeck hospital with Freddie to find out the poor little man has an ear infection! He has perked right up now he is on antibiotics! Lets hope when writing next weeks Living Arrows that both the boys and mummy and daddy are all well!

Living Arrows

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  1. Oh so sorry it's been a week of sickness. The one silver lining is time together though - gorgeous photos! x