Tuesday 3 October 2017

#Blogtober17 Day 6 Flowers

The prompt for day six is flowers.

To be honest I'm not really a person for flowers! I don't buy them, and to be honest when James was born my aunt and uncle sent us a massive bunch of flowers as they were on holiday at the time. We had to put them into a bucket as we realised we did not have a vase!

The only flowers  I have ever really liked were my wedding flowers. I had red roses as my main flowers. I even had my flowers preserved and framed. We still do not have them on the wall yet and we have been married over six years!

I'm really not that green fingered either, my dad bought me a plant a few years ago and I managed to kill it! 

James hates bees, so we are trying to eliminate the amount of flowers in our garden as well James literally freaks out when he sees a bee!

So yes flowers are definetly not my thing!

Photo from www.ivtography.com My dads website!

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  1. We don't have flowers in the house often either as I have really bad hayfever and a lot of them make me sneeze! #Blogtober