Wednesday 25 October 2017

Freddie at 23 months

Oh Freddie how can we be only four weeks away from you turning two!

In the last month your speech has come on so much! You can string a few simple words together like where daddy and out there or up there! Your favourite thing to shout is where j after we drop James off at school.

Speaking of your brother you and him have got even closer. You absolutely adore each other! Now he is back to school you miss him during the day and when I tell you it's time to go and get him you get so excited!

We will be introducing you to the potty soon as you are starting to tell us when you need a new nappy by either shouting bum or getting your changing mat and shouting bum!

You are wearing all 18-24 mo th clothing and some 2-3 bits already! You are in a size 4 pull up and a size 6+ nappy at night. 

You are the most mischievous kid though! You are always looking for trouble! At nanas you have learned if you climb onto her sofa you can then climb into the window! You also run up and down the stairs at every given chance! You are totally obsessed with the washing machine and tumble dryer! We have to check the washer for toys before we use it!

You only have milk in a bottle at bed time, the rest of the time it's in your 360 cup! You live bread sticks and as I write this you are onto your third in the last half hour! 

You are definitely very much a mummy's boy still. You love nothing more than snuggling up in mummy's bed and cuddling into me all night!

I cannot believe you will be two next time I write to you
All my love
Mummy xxx

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