Tuesday 19 June 2018

Allergy Alert Bracelet by Butler & Grace

Having a child with an allergy can be scary for parents, especially if they are away from you. James has had asthma since he was three. We always knew there was a chance he would inherit it from his daddy and he did.

We had never really thought about having an Allergy Alert bracelet for James till we booked our up coming holiday. Normally when ever James is out and about mummy will have a blue inhaler and a spacer in her bag just in case, but with a holiday booked there is every chance that James could be at a kids club in the hotel away from both of us.

When Tanya at Butler & Grace got in touch with us and asked if we wanted to review one of their Bracelets for James we were thrilled. There were many different designs to chose from and while emailing with Tanya she recommended we went with the soul bracelet in Navy Blue as it could be made to fit James has he has really small wrists like his mummy.

James absolutely loves it and he is allowed to wear it at school as well, We have it engraved on the inside with Asthma so if there was ever and emergency and neither Andy or myself we were with James then I feel confident that he would be able to tell someone he is asthmatic

I think once we have a full confirmation of the allergy that Freddie has we will have to look into getting him one as well. Especially as he is already in playgroup twice a week

The Soul bracelet has an rrp of £23.45 and can be purchased here

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