Monday 25 June 2018

New from Cuddledry!

Now we are big fans of Cuddledry in our house, having reviewed the Cuddleroar with Freddie last year, so image how thrilled I was when an email arrived telling me all about their new products!

First of all you can now buy the awesome Cuddleroar in two sizes! The toddler size (1-3 years) and now it's also now available in the child size (3-6 years)! This is fantastic as James is still crazy on dinosaurs and he quite often try's to steal Freddie's Cuddleroar! This is definitely going on my list for James up coming birthday!

Now onto the new products! The Cuddlebunny and the Cuddlepanda! These towels are available in both the toddler and the child size so perfect if you want both children to match at bath time! 

The new towels fit in with the prices of toddler at £29.99 and child at £34.99.

Well done Cuddledry on these brilliant new towels and adding a child Cuddleroar!

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