Sunday 17 June 2018

That's So All in One build able Sunscreen

Having to get sun screen onto two boys on a morning before school can be any parents idea of hell! There are so many different types on the market and how do we know which one is best for our children. 

When That's So got in touch with us and offered to send us their All in One spray to try with James and Freddie I was thrilled! Since becoming a parent almost six years ago I have tried many different sun screens. Most require rubbing in and with a wriggly toddler that is not always so easy!

What is so special about the All in One sun screen? Well one spray protects with SPF50, then after three minutes you can spray another coat which protects to SPF80 and after another three minutes it can be sprayed again to protect to SPF100!

This is what I love about it the fact three coats can protect to SPF100. James has taken after me in the fact he has quite a fair skin, blue eyes and blonde hair. Where as Freddie has taken after Andy's side of the family and he has a darker skin, dark blonde hair and blue eyes.

In fact That’so has already won an award and was voted most innovative beauty product by FMCG buyers at 2016 Stamegna Network - Beauty Care.

As well as protecting, the product also offers super melanin stimulation thanks to MELANUP+™ which enhances natural melanin production without sun exposure and guarantees a high level of hydration. It also enables faster tanning in products with SPF, allowing protection and tanning at the same time. It’s water resistant formula is ideal for jumping in and out of the pool or taking to the slope for a bit of Alpine fresco.
Aside from the melanin enhancers and progressive SPF, other active ingredients include -
●Avocado Oil: its emollient and hydrating properties make it perfect for dry, dehydrated or mature skins.
●Jojoba Oil: it has extraordinary skin-softening properties, as well as the ability to minimise fine lines and wrinkles, promoting skin suppleness while assisting with the rejuvenation of the skin.
●Vitamin E: its antioxidant properties help prevent free-radical damage to the skin.

We have been using this for a few weeks now and I have to say it has been great for the boys especially with James being in school all day and him not wanting to re apply sun screen and also with Freddie being at playgroup and if hes not at playgroup then he is in the garden playing on our slide!

The All in one build able sunscreen is available to purchase here for £29.95. It is quite pricey for a sun screen but when it can protect fair skin and children up to SPF100 then I think it is worth every penny!

**We were sent the product free of charge in exchange for this review, all words and pictures are our own**

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