Tuesday 14 August 2018

Holiday Countdown

We are really looking forward to our first family holiday in October, as yet James has no idea that we are going and I am starting to plan how we are going to tell him about going!

If we told him now that we were going then he would ask everyday if it was time to go and he would literally drive us crazy! I came up with telling him on his birthday which is six weeks and one day before we go!

One of the things I am going to give him for his birthday is a countdown chart! I have made a little calendar from his birthday for him to cross the days off. I thought doing this would help him grasp that we were going but not at that very moment!

Another way is buying him a small suitcase and putting some bits inside it that he will need on holiday like armbands and goggles for swimming etc

We have chosen to go with the countdown chart and have also wrapped up some things like a pool ring and some goggles for him as part of his birthday presents!

I am so excited for James birthday to tell him we are going to be going on holiday!

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