Sunday 26 August 2018

James you are six

Happy 6th Birthday 

My darling James today you are six years old!!

It really does not seem possible that my tiny baby is already six years old and just like the year you were born, this year your birthday falls on August Bank Holiday Sunday!

We are spending your birthday at Nana and Gaga's house and then you are having your birthday party next weekend with five of your school friends at our house with pizza and a movie!

Your are definitely very stubborn like mummy and Gaga and are still very much a daddy's boy!

You have grown up so much this year and have turned into an even more amazing boy than you were before! You absolutely adore your little brother and you have so much fun together even if mummy and daddy have to sometimes tell you to calm down as you are getting him a little bit too hyper especially just before bed!

Your have absolutely flourished at school this year! Your reading and writing has come on so much! You were so pleased when you moved up two reading levels in year one! I hope you enjoy year two as much as you have year one! We have loved being able to see you and your friends on a Thursday morning when we have been at sure start and will really miss it next year since our group is not going to be running anymore.

Today we are telling you about our holiday for October! I really hope you are excited! It will be your first time out the country and on a plane! Mummy is excited as it means we can finally bring out all the stuff we have been buying and putting away for you and Freddie since November last year!!

You still love Spiderman, Go Jetters and all things Cbeebies and Milkshake! You have even got Freddie loving Swashbuckle!! We are hoping to go back to Alton Towers and Cbeebies land again next year now that Freddie is tall enough for all the rides! You are desperate to take him onto the Go Jetters Vroomster and the Octonauts rollercoaster!!

I hope you have a brilliant day!
All my love

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