Wednesday 15 August 2018

Siblings in August

How can it be August already! I swear it was only January yesterday! 
Still it is August and in just about a weeks time James turns 6!!!!

As both the boys are on holiday from school and playgroup we have been spending a lot of time out and about in our local area together having fun!

These photos we taken when we went to The Great North Museum to see their special exhibition for the Great Exhibition of the North 2018. 

The boys had an absolutely brilliant morning exploring the museum although Freddie did have to stay in his pushchair as the place was quite busy and we didn't have daddy, nana or gaga on hand to help with the little runaway aka Freddie!

By next month's siblings post James will have started Year Two and Freddie will be back at playgroup for the Autumn term!

The Siblings Project - Dear Beautiful

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