Thursday 6 September 2018

Weekend Box Club Review

James is one of those boys who loves being busy! Over the summer he has really got into helping out in the gardens whether at our house or at his Nana and Gaga's house.

When Weekend Box Club got in touch and asked if James would like to try out one of their boxes he was over the moon!!

The box arrived around mid day on the Saturday by Royal Mail post. Since we were going to be at Nana and Gaga's house for a few days James decided he would wait till he was at their house and do the activities once we got there!

When we opened the box we were greated with four paper bags each containing things for each activity. There was also a booklet with all the instructions and also a few extra bits for the activities that would not fit in the paper packaging!

The Weekend Box Club website says "No more looking for things to do this weekend! Everything you need for a weekend of fun kids activities is delivered directly to your door (suitable for 3-8 year olds). The hard part’s done - all you need to do is enjoy time with your children!"

The activities are something to make, something to bake, something to explore and more! There are four mascots: Hattie, Wooster, Sammy and Oswald, then each mascot is associated with each activity! Each box is priced at £8.95 including free delivery.  Each box comes with a different theme. The theme of our box was summer holidays.

The first activity James chose to do was to make a beach scene with crabs made out of cupcake cases, tissue paper and card! He absolutely loved making it and it has pride of place on his nana and gaga's fridge! Since we didn't have any safety scissors at Nana and Gaga's house, mummy had to do a lot of the cutting and trimming down of the cases to make the crabs the right size. James wanted one crab to be a lot bigger than the other. 

The second activity was to make a beach scene using a paper plate, a wax crayon, some sand and a glue stick! James had a brilliant time with this one! I think his favourite part was pouring the sand all over the glue! This I think was the easiest activity for James to actually complete by himself as it literally only just needed him to colour half the paper plate in dark blue and then add the glue to the other side and pour on the sand. We did this on a piece of kitchen roll and kept pouring the excess sand back onto the plate to make sure all the glue was covered!

The third activity was making a passport. James loved making this and kept saying he wanted to use it! Little did he know when he was making this he actually has a real passport at home ready for going on holiday! He made a big thing about using one of the stickers as a "Stamp" like you would get at an airport. Now he is very excited to use his real passport when we go on holiday in a few weeks time!

The final activity was making two little crispy cakes! James found this a little tricky as the microwave is quite high in Gaga's kitchen so mummy had to do a lot of this one! James did enjoy eating it though!

Over all we were really impressed with The Weekend Box Club that we received. As the age range is from 3, I was a little disappointed that there was nothing in this box that our almost three year old could do with his big brother, But it did give me some one on one time with James that I rarely get due to Freddie.

**Disclaimer: We were sent the Weekend Box Club Summer Holiday themed box free of charge in exchange for this review. However all words and oppinions are our own!**

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