Monday 10 September 2018

What is in James Plane Bag

As you already know we are going on holiday in a months time and this mummy is getting organised as to what the boys are taking in their hand luggage. 

I've already posted about what is in Freddie's plane bag which you can find here, now it's James turn!

For James we are taking his Avengers backpack that he got for his birthday from mummy's aunt and uncle. In the bottom of this bag I have put a carrier bag containing a pair of tracksuit trousers, a t-shirt, long sleeved top, pants and socks. There is also a unopened packet of travel size baby wipes just in case as Andy and James are across the aisle from mummy and Freddie so it makes sense to have a packet of wipes with them. There will also be a water bottle which will be filled up once we are through security.  We also have his sun hat and his sunglasses in here for when we get off the plane. The most important thing in James bag though will be his asthma inhalers and his spacer. I will have extra in our checked luggage but he will have his in his bag for the flight just in case he needs it!

Now for activities! First off there is the Paw Patrol sticker book like Freddie has. Again this was bought in the Aldi Special Buys back in March for £1.99. We then have a Room on the broom activity book and a Gruffalo colouring book. These came from Aldi in the August baby event special buys priced at £1.79 each.

Then there is a couple of Paw Patrol blind bags in the small front pocket, These were £1 at Poundland. James absolutely loves blind bags and I can see these keeping him amused for a while on the flight!

Then we have a colouring book, which was £1 at Tesco and a pencil case containing some colouring pencils. There is also a pencil sharpener with a lid and some normal writing pencils in here too as James has brought some work from school with him to do while we are away.

We also have a Gruffalo colouring book and a Room on the Broom activity book that we picked up in the last Aldi Baby and Toddler event. Then there is his Usborn Dino book he got from his aunt and uncle for his birthday 

Then we have his tablet and headphones. We bought this last Christmas for James as his old one was starting to come to the end of its use. His headphones are JVC and we bought these when he was about three and they still have a lot of life in them! We will buy him a couple of magazines at Tesco before we go as well so they will be in here too!

As for snacks we have two lollies one for take off and one for landing to help with popping ears. There are also a couple of Bear Yoyo's, some Bear Paws, 2 of the dairy free flapjacks and 2 of the Kiddylicious Oaty Bars.

The final thing that will be in James plane bag will be CB! This Bear has gone everywhere with James since he was about 18 months old, so going on holiday and not taking CB was out of the question,.

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