Sunday 29 January 2017

Living Arrows 5/52

Another week of Living Arrows! I feel so chuffed to have actually made it five weeks in and not given up!

This week my boys have been crazy! But poor James started the week with a day off school after ending up in out of hours doctors on the Sunday morning! He was well enough to go back to school on Tuesday thank goodness as he spent Monday driving me crazy! He also managed to fill his reward box for the first time (post coming on that!), so after school on Friday we came home got him out of his uniform and walked across to McDonalds at Kingston Park for his treat!

Freddie turned 14 months old this week and  got to try his first McDonalds chicken nuggets! We had a week off our group this week as mummy has been ill with the nasty cough thats been going around! We have also had a bad week with teething. Molar number one is almost fully through and molar number two is about to start cutting through. So its been unsettled bed times and ending up in between mummy and daddy virtually every night. 

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  1. Oh no, unsettled baby and an off school little boy. What a shame! I hope they're both back to normal soon x