Tuesday 24 January 2017

Zip and Zoe by Babymel

Before Christmas a fantastic email landed in our inbox from the lovely people at Babymel saying we had been chosen to be ambassadors for their gorgeous new range of kids bags Zip and Zoe!

We got the choice of one of their bags to review, so we went for the kids Dino multi for James!

James absolutely love the bag! He has used it for school everyday! He's actually carried it on his back rather than making mummy carry it like he does when we use his book bag!

The bag has a fantastic large main pocket, which we can fit in everything James needs for a day at school! We always keep his reflective waistcoat in there as some days it is dark when we are going to and from school! Going to and from school in bad weather, we have had: his reading book, key words folder, reflective jacket, pair of shoes and still had space in the bag!

The smaller pocket on the front is the perfect size to keep his hat and gloves in so they are not lost in the cloakroom! The bottle pocket is brilliant and it means James always has his bottle on his way to and from school!

My favourite part of the bag has to be the chest strap! James can put his bag on and then I clip it up and it does not fall off his shoulders when we are walking to and from school!

When we have had bad weather and James has needed to wear his wellies to school, I have been able to put his school shoes into his bag to change into. Although sometimes I might be better off just sending the wellies for all day use! 

Not only does James use the bag for school, he also takes it to aldi. We always take rucksacks to aldi with us to do the shopping and since James got his, he's been wanting to take it with him to help carry bits of shopping home!

Over all I am 100% happy with this bag and would recommend them to anyone with kids! 

Zip and Zoe sent us a fantastic discount code ZipAndZoe20 at checkout 

Disclaimer; We were sent this bag free of charge in exchange for this review! All words and pictures are our own!

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