Friday 20 January 2017

Puddle Ducks North East

Just before Christmas a lovely email landed in our inbox inviting Freddie and myself to try out our local puddle ducks franchise. Having been a bad mummy and not taken him swimming before we jumped at the chance to go!

We were sent a list of our local classes to chose from. The class for Freddie's age was their splashers group for babies from 6 months to 15 months. The Puddle Ducks website states for the splashers class "As they get older, your baby will begin to gain stronger back and head control.  They will now be able to swim with woggles,and jump in the pool, developing the skills elected to be strong swimmers in the future. Our splashers especially love splashing and blowing bubbles in the water."

We chose to attend the class at the new Crowne Plaza hotel in the new Stephenson Quarter behind Newcastle Central station, with a lovely teacher called Nadine.  

Sadly for me Freddie was not in the best mood and screamed his head off for virtually the whole class! He did enjoy bits of the class and did have a few moments of no screaming. 

The activities in the lesson were fantastic, however I do think they were aimed at babies who had been swimming since they were very young.

Freddie at 13 months was the oldest there and it was his first time in a swimming pool. The other babies looked to be between six months and one year and had obviously been swimming since they were quite young. I do think the classes should be aimed at ability not ages.

I do wish I had been able to do this when he was younger, but James nursery timings did fit the timings. It's only now James is in full time school we have the time to go.

I am however going to start taking both boys swimming more often and I hope Freddie will soon love the pool like I do!

Disclaimer: We received this class free of charge in exchange for this review. All words are my own and images are from

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  1. I took Sophia to a puddle ducks class before she was one and she loved it. I wish I had of been able to keep taking her but I was heavily pregnant at the time, so hard when you have more than one child isnt it xx