Wednesday 25 January 2017

Freddie at 14 months

Freddie you are now 14 months old! Where has the time gone! It really does not seem five minutes since you were a tiny newborn!

You are very mischievous, definitely worse than your brother ever was! You have finally realised you can walk with your push along walkers. It's so funny to watch you zoom across the lounge!

You have discovered we have stairs in our house and that they are for climbing! You love nothing  more than standing at the bottom banging and yelling at James! Although today at 14 months old you made it half way up when you escaped daddy! 

You are still in 12-18 clothes with the odd bit of 9-12 thrown in. You hate having your nappy changed! You are always taking off mid change, laughing your head off! You have just graduated to the bath with no bath seat and boy do you give us a soaking!

You love nothing more than playing with your big brother! You think your brother is brilliant and he can always make you laugh! Your face always lights up when your brother comes into the room or when he runs out of school shouting Freddie! 

You still love your milk, just as much as food! You are still a mummy's boy. 

You have three teeth at the front at the top and four at the front on the bottom! You also have your first molar nearly through on the top left! These teeth have turned my happy boy into such a grump! 

Lots of love Freddie bear 

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