Thursday 26 January 2017

Summer Born

So most of you know I have a summer boy and a winter boy. I have been thinking about things you are not told about having a summer baby!

The most important for me is they could be youngest in their class, especially if they are late! James was due August 18th, but didn't arrive till eight days later on 26th August. This makes him the youngest in his class at school, and not by a few days, it's a month between James and the next youngest child in his class. There's actually kids in the school nursery with closer birthdays to his!

Another thing is their birthday will always be in the school holidays, but that also means friends and family are on holiday so having a party is a bit hit/miss. Last year there was only ten including James and Freddie at James party!!

Hand me down clothes can be wrong season! Freddie is into James old 12-18 clothes but I have a pile of 12-18 shorts that I don't think will fit Freddie come summer! 

Toilet training can be hit/miss. James didn't potty train till he was 3, that was literally two weeks before he started nursery. We had issues with James refusing to go to the toilet at nursery. So for the first few weeks we had to pick him up early or would get a phone call to pick him up early. Now a year on he will happily use the school toilets.

James is a reluctant writer and does struggle a bit with fine motor skills, this is also down to how young he is compared to the rest of the class.

If anyone has anything to add about summer born babies then leave a comment below! 

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