Wednesday 14 January 2015

Our entry for H&A Bathtime Fun Squad

So we have applied to be ambassadors for H&A Bathtime Fun Squad 2015. 
James is a complete bath addict, which is funny as when he was first born he absolutely hated his baths and would cry his eyes out every time we went to put him in.

We have been sent some squirting ducks to play with in the bath so check out how much fun James is having with them.

When we first opened the box James was thrilled with the ducks. He loves bath toys that are bright colours and these grabbed his attention straight away. He had just woken up from a nap and was still rather grumpy but they cheered him up no end!!

We opened up the packaging so James could have a good look at the ducks and he wanted to play with them straight away! I took this as a good sign of how much he liked them.


He was sitting on the floor playing with the ducks getting so excited telling us what colours they all were. 

When it came to Bathtime James grabbed all his ducks and virtually ran up the stairs to put them in the bath. 

These were lucky ducks as they got to ride in his toy lifeboat he was bought from Amble RNLI.

James loved showing us the ducks and telling us what colours they were. 

On a scale of one to ten these squirting bath ducks have been a massive ELEVEN!!!! Every time bath time is mentioned James remembers the ducks are there and gets even more excited than normal. 

We have really enjoyed reviewing these ducks and I'm sure these ducks are going to be coming with us when we go and visit with nana! 

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