Tuesday 1 September 2015

Gro to Bed Review

Like most toddlers, bedtime can be challenging with James. One of the main problems is keeping the duvet and pillows actually on the bed.

James was a summer baby so even as a newborn baby, he would always be kicking off his blankets as he was too small to sleep in gro bags till he was about eight weeks old. Once he was wearing them we had no problems. But since he moved into a big boy bed with a duvet and pillow we again started experiencing him kicking them off during the night then waking up cold.

When The Gro Company got in touch and asked if we would like to test out their Gro to bed range we jumped at the chance.

The Gro Company say "Comfortable, safe and available in a number of lovely designs, the ‘Gro-to-bed range we make at the Gro Company is produced with the comfort and safety of your child in mind.

Gro to bed conforms to UK safety standards, and is produced using the highest quality materials. It features an innovative zip in system to ensure that a toddler won’t kick free of the bedding during the night or fall out of the bed." 
I love how the pillow case is fixed to the sheet meaning the child can't move it during the night. James has a habit of pushing his out the bed so this should solve that problem.
It was very easy to put on the bed. It was simply open box, unfold bedding, unzip duvet cover from sheet, put sheet on bed, pillows into case, duvet into cover & zip onto bed! James absolutely loved the fact it was covered in transport ie buses cars etc! 
After the first night on the bed I'm so far very impressed. Going in to check on James and not having to try and navigate a pillow back into the bed or put the duvet back on after it had been kicked off was great! We did have one wake up but that was for a drink which is quite normal.
The Gro to bed system has now been on a few days and we as a family are 100% loving it! It's the perfect solution for toddlers to get them used to moving from a Gro bag to a grown up duvet and pillow. I will definitely keep on using this and when the time comes for James little brother to move into big boy bed, I will invest in a set for him! 
Disclaimer: I was provided with the Gro to bed free of charge and All editorial and opinions are my own.

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  1. My little two are the same they were both summer babies and always kick blankets off. They have been in Gro bags since they were tiny but now my toddler is two she is ready to go into her toddler bed but she won't keep a blanket on and I'm worried she will get cold during the winter. This looks amazing and perfect for little wriggly toddlers, I think we need something like this. The Gro company make such amazing products don't they we are huge fans , the Gro blind has been a life saver this summer for us as it is the only thing helping my son sleep x