Thursday 24 September 2015

Hospital Tour

So yesterday mum and me had our tour of Newcastle Birthing Centre and also the RVI delivery suit in preparation for the arrival of baby h!

What can I say about from it was fantastic! Me and Andy have certainly made the right choice in choosing to have baby h at this fantastic hospital!

From the comfy waiting area at the birthing centre to a lovely waiting area at the delivery suit I knew straight away I wanted to have baby h at the birthing centre! I knew from having James what I don't want to happen. I felt like the hospital I had him at were too quick to give diamorphine and also insisted on me being on the bed hooked up to monitors where as the people at birthing centre said even on a drip u can still move around the room. They also only let two people into the room with you so when I asked to see my dad my mum had to leave the room! The birthing centre does not limit the amount of people in the room with you which for me is great as I know I will want to see my dad and James pretty much as soon as I can after having baby h! 

Sadly Andy had to miss the tour as he should have been at work, but had actually been ill. But there is a video on YouTube he can watch!

Just under nine weeks now till due date and I'm feeling very calm especially now I have seen the facilities! 

Now all we need is for baby h to come of his own accord after 37 weeks!

Birthing centre

Delivery suit


  1. I had my youngest two at the RVI and loved it compared to where I had my eldest ( North Tyneside) I had to have mine in the delivery suite upstairs due to being induced early for high bp but the staff were amazing and I felt 100 % safe. The birthing centre looks amazing. Also even if u do end up in delivery suite they let u have more then two visitors I had both my girls and my dad and partner and they were fine as everyone else had as many visitors as they wanted too xxx

  2. I had James at wansbeck and it was horrible. They were so strict about visitors. Even when I was taken back in ill I was still only allowed husband plus two others and that was in private room. When we looked at delivery suit it was so much nicer than the one at wansbeck.