Sunday 6 September 2015

The week before the madness starts

So this coming week marks my last full week at home with James before the madness of the nursery induction starts. I can't believe how fast the time has come for my little boy to start the journey of education. 

We have his home visit from his teacher on September 14th, then madness kicks in from the 16th when we spend our first hour in the nursery setting. Then we are back in on 24th, but this time we there for two hours. Then parents gradually withdraw and the time gets longer. So by October 5th, James will be in nursery full time 0855 till 1155 Monday till Friday! 

We have virtually cracked potty training this last week. Well number ones we have. Still having issues with getting to potty in time for a number two.

Mummy is feeling very emotional at the thought of James being away from me for three hours a day, but it will do us both good, especially as I enter the last few weeks of pregnancy. 

I feel lucky that the way Andy's work shifts work out he can share the induction process with me, giving me time to relax and rest at home before going to meet him & James at the end of nursery.

Then once James is in full time daddy can do some of the drop offs, especially as it gets closer to baby arriving. 

I'm hoping James settles in quickly so we don't have to be in with him for too long.

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