Wednesday 28 March 2018

End of First Term at Playgroup

So Freddie has finished his first term at playgroup and over all I think it has been really good for him! His speech has come on so much and we are hearing new words virtually every day and he is even starting to form little sentences!

He is such a lovely little boy and if we see any of his Playgroup staff when we are out and about or at Sure Start he will yell hiya hiya and wave!

We still have tears when we drop him off, but he is such a happy little boy when he is collected! He is also starting to make little friends which is so cute. On one of the days he is in, the little brother of one of James classmates is in and they are so cute when they see each other other days at the school run! Freddie will babble his head off and his little friend nods along as if he understands everything he is saying!

We have put in his application for the nursery at James school starting in September 2019 when he will be three rising 4, so Freddie will be one of the older ones in his class rather than the actual youngest like James was!

He will also have the younger siblings of some of James classmates in his class which I think will be lovely for him.

On his second last day of term he went running in with no tears! Mummy was so proud of him!

Over all I think putting Freddie into playgroup has been the best decision we could have made and I'm so glad we did it!

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