Thursday 29 March 2018

End of Spring Term

So it's the end of the spring term at school and it's so hard to believe that James only has one term left in year one before the summer holidays and he goes into year two! It really does not seem like five minutes since he started the school nursery and now he has almost finished year one!

This term he has gone up a level in his reading books, Started a group with two of his friends to help with speech and language and made a new friend when a new boy started in his class! He comes home full of beans and actually likes doing his reading and his homework! 

He has done another block of forest school which he absolutely adores! I really hope the school can keep up the forest school for when Freddie starts as I think he will love it just as much as James does! He loves being outdoors and Forest School gets him outside and learning lots of new skills! 

He has come on so much since he first started at his school in the nursery back in 2015 that in part to the wonderful staff and family atmosphere at his school!

Next term we have the year one national phonics test coming up eek! Fingers crossed for James passing it!

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