Friday 9 March 2018

Snowmageddon Week!

So James school had to close for two days due to the Beast from the East! 

Tuesday 27th February it was snowy but by the time it was playgroup and school pick up time most paths and the roads were clear, however by the time daddy got in from work at quarter to seven it was coming down heavy again! 

We woke up on February 28th to snow right up to our front door! The boys had been in the garden the night before playing in what little snow we had left and by the morning you couldn't even see their foot prints!

Daddy decided to leave early for work as he had been late the day before due to the snow. and he had some time to make up. He left at around 8am even though he did not start till 10 and it was a good job he did as what is normally about a twenty minute bus journey took an hour and a half!

I couldn't get the pram out the garden so I had to scrabble around and see if we had any old wellie boots that Freddie could wear on the walk up to the school. Poor Freddie struggled so much that mummy ended up carrying him part of the way home and then carrying him most of the way up to playgroup at half past eleven!

At one fifteen I got an alert on Facebook that I had been tagged in a post by one of the school mums. When I went on it was a post from the school saying we could collect the kids from 2pm due to the weather and that school wasn't opening till ten am the following day. 

I rang the playgroup to let them know I would be coming for Freddie early as I was getting James early. On my way up I nipped to one of shops where James pals mum works and she was stuck till end of her shift so I said I would get her boy as well and watch him till she finished. 

Andy had sent me a message saying his office was closing early so he would hopefully be home by five.

Just after five I was tagged on Facebook again this time it was a post saying they were closing on Thursday due to the weather and would let us know on Thursday evening the plans for Friday. 

Thursday came and daddy went into work and got in early but by ten past ten they had decided to close the office and he was sent home. We had quite a nice snow day curled up in the house watching The BFG on Netflix on the TV and Freddie watching Peppa on the iPad.  Then just after five the message came from the school that they were closing on Friday as well. 

Friday Daddy had to go to work but since he got in early he got to leave early! Mummy decided we had to go to Tesco, so we all got wrapped up, Freddie was loaded into the big pram with his raincover on to protect him from the snow that was again still coming down!

Getting to Tesco was fine as it was downhill but on the way back it was up hill and mummy struggled with Freddie and the pram, Poor mummy crashed the pram into a snow drift and hurt my arm. (Saw gp five days later and wrist was sprained again!) We then went home and chilled out! 

So we did survive the Beast from the East! Lets just hope that is the last of the snow for the year!!!!


  1. Ouch- sorry to hear about your wrist. It's crazy how much impact the snow can have. Luckily we didn't have too much and were still able to get out, although navigating a trolley through the snow in Lidl carpark was a nightmare!!

  2. We really struggled in the snow last week with nursery being closed, cabin fever definitely set in!

  3. We had a cabin fever something awful!! Hope your arm is ok, what a nightmare xx

  4. My boys were poorly the whole week so the snow didn’t really affect us. Ouch to your wrist. I hope it’s feeling better now x

  5. Wow! It sounds like you guys had way more snow than us! xx

  6. Sorry you hurt yourself in the snow. Our school was closed from the Tuesday afternoon. I was so over the snow by the time they returned on Monday