Wednesday 7 March 2018

Our Weekend Happy!

Welcome back to Our Weekend Happy. 

This weekend it was the end of Snowmageddon or The Beast from the East! 
It has been so cold and snowy up here in Newcastle. Since school was closed on Friday we took a walk to Tesco and poor mummy hurt her wrist pushing the pushchair back! The rest of the day was spent chilling in the house watching Netflix and trying to keep warm!

 Saturday we got up and just spent the morning chilling out in the house, then in the afternoon James had his friends party so mummy and James took a snowy walk over to James friends house. Then after the party mummy went to the shop for some food for tea!

Sunday mummy and Freddie took a snowy walk to tesco, Still struggling with the pram in the snow but it was the only way! Mummy and daddy did a big clean up of the house as well! We even tackled the toy mountain in the lounge with some toys going upstairs, some to charity and some that were broken to the bin! we then put the remainder into the toy box! I'm just hoping the boys don't bring half the upstairs toys back down!

Finally on Sunday the snow started to thaw and then we even had some rain that started to wash the snow away! Although when we got up for school on Monday we still had loads of slushy icey yucky stuff outside and we still struggled to school with the pram!

Next weekend is Mother's Day so hopefully we will see Nana and Gaga at some point to celebrate!


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