Wednesday 2 January 2019

Review of 2018

So what can I say about 2018.... it was a strange one for us as it started in limbo after the loss of my lovely nanny in law on Christmas day 2017.

So here goes..
January :Well it started as I mentioned in limbo as we waited for funeral details, but Freddie started to attend a local playgroup two afternoons a week to get him used to being away from mummy so he would be happy to spend time away and with other adults and lots of children. I documented his first week here and boy was it a stressful one! 

This blog also moved self hosted last January and I haven't looked back since moving to my own domain!

We also reviewed the Adventure Belt which definitely helped us get Freddie to and from playgroup and we also attended lunch with Messy Little Thing which we loved and the apron still goes out with us now almost a year later!

February:This was the month that we went to Surrey to stay with Andy's parents for a few days and also take the boys on a day out in London! James had learned about the Great Fire of London in the Autumn term and he was desperate to go see Pudding Lane so a day out in London was what we did!

March: This saw us review the SnoozeShade Deluxe Plus for our buggy! This has got to be one of my favourite products and almost a year later it is still attached to our buggy on a daily basis and used virtually once a week to keep the cold wind off Freddie.

Well I turned 33, I wrote about what the boys took to school and playgroup and we also had the school Easter Holidays!

May: Freddie turned two and a half years old! It really feels like we had blinked and he was a little boy and not a baby!

June: I wrote about my blogging essentials! I now need to update this post as I have replaced a few of the items in the post!

July: The boys finished school and playgroup for the summer! I posted two posts about making holidays with kids easier in preparation for our holiday abroad.

August: Our big boy turned 6!! We also reviewed CanvasChamp and received a gorgeous canvas print of our two boys! 

September: This was when we really started to prepare for our holiday as it was only weeks away! I started off with posting what I was packing for James and Freddie!

October: This was when we finally jetted off to spend a week in Majorca! Once we returned I wrote a post all about our experiences on Thomas Cook Airlines!

November: Our little titch turned 3! I also wrote about the day we spent at Palma Aquarium

and finally

December: This year we took part in Blogmas and so there was a post everyday from 1st December to Christmas day! During this there was an update every five days on what our elves Rhul and Elfis got up to!

And so this was our 2018 in a nutshell! I cant wait to see what 2019 has in store for us! 

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