Wednesday 24 January 2018

All About James

All About James!

James is now nearly five and a half years old and he's just over a term and a few weeks into year one at his primary school. My last big update on James was his birthday last August and I thought it was about time that I did an update on my big boy! 

As the photo shows he always seems to get food all over his face and he hates having his face washed so he took to wearing his spiderman mask this day to cover the mess and to stop us washing his face!

James was the inspiration behind the name Mummy to my little cheeky monkey when he was 20 months old! And he is definitely still very cheeky. He's got beautiful blonde hair and bright blue eyes and is my mini me! He definitely uses the big blue eyes to get his own way and he had his TA in nursery and reception classes wrapped around his little finger!!

Since going into year one at school he has developed a new found love for reading, at bedtime him and daddy have been reading Roahl Dahl books which he has loved! We started last summer reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator! We then moved onto The BFG and The Witches. So for Christmas we bought him George's Marvelous Medicine, The Twits and Fantastic Mr Fox. We do a reward Box with James and when he fills his box we have promised him a new book so he is working so hard to get his stars to get his book!!

Over half term we are going to visit daddy's family in Surrey and we will be spending a day in London as since he learned about the great fire of London in school and of course seeing Big Ben on Go Jetters he has wanted to visit London!!! We are also going to go and see Buckingham Palace as James loves the Queen. He even asked if he could meet her but mummy told him that would be slightly impossible.

He absolutely adores his little brother, well he does most of the time! Some days they are thick as thieves and others James wants him as far away as possible! Poor James is often being chased around by Freddie especially when he gets home from school! Freddie is like his little shadow when he gets home as he has really missed him during the day! 

We are so proud of James and how well he is doing at school.


  1. So glad to hear he's enjoying school. I hope you enjoy your trip!

  2. My little one always had food round his face too and thinks it's hilarious to run away whenever he sees a flannel coming towards him! It's great that he loves reading, I loved all the Roahl Dahl books when I was younger

  3. Aw bless him, it sounds like he is thriving! Great to hear he has a love of reading, I love see kids with theirs buried in books :)

  4. Awww he is so cute, my daughter is the same with getting her face washed - she hates it! Lucky for me I am faster than her, at least for now!

  5. Aww well done James- I can't wait to re-read all of Roald Dahl with Zach! It's funny as Oscar is like zach's shadow when he gets home from school too- he really misses him!

  6. Aww! What a wonderful post :) James sounds so lovely! I'm so glad he loves reading! xx