Sunday 28 January 2018

Playgroup Day Daily Routine

Now that Freddie has started two playgroup sessions a week, our daily routine on Tuesdays and Wednesdays has changed.

On a playgroup day, we are normally up by 7am. Mummy or daddy will have a shower while the other gets Freddie breakfast. James gets up around 7 for school and he gets dressed before his breakfast. 

Once boys are fed, mummy and daddy tackle any washing up along with a cuppa and then our breakfast. We have started making overnight oats to make sure we both eat in the morning as mummy is terrible for not doing this and then not eating till lunch time!

By half past eight Freddie is in the pushchair and James has his coat, shoes and bag on ready to leave. The walk to school normally takes about five minutes and the doors are opened at about ten to nine so mummy and Freddie are normally back home in the warm with a hot cuppa by nine at the latest. 

First thing mummy does once back is any washing up that is in the sink and put stuff away that is on the draining board. Then it's onto checking the washing machine and dryer. After that it's time to put Freddie's lunch together for playgroup. He's been taking mini sausage rolls, along with cheese and crackers, fruit drops and raisins. Then it's time to check his bag. There is always a full spare set of clothes in a wet bag plus two pull ups, nappy bags and some wipes. I always send a full set of clothes right down to socks as Freddie loves the water tray and likes to completely soak himself!

By the time all that is done it is normally around ten or half ten, so mummy has another cup of tea and sits down to watch some TV. 

There is an alarm set on mummy's phone for eleven twenty. This is so mummy can change Freddie's pull up and start putting his coat on and mummy can get herself ready. 

We would normally leave the house at about eleven thirty or eleven thirty five to walk up to playgroup. Once we are there it's coat and bag hung up and into the room ready to start!

Once mummy is home, the first thing done is have lunch and then cook the evenings dinner. This is always done by 1pm so then the laptop is out and blogging work starts, emails are checked and replied to. Posts are scheduled on blog and on Facebook. Instagram and Twitter are checked. Normally there is a bit of down time to just catch up on BBC iPlayer or Netflix before the alarm goes off at twenty past two to get ready to pick up Freddie.

Once the pick up alarm has gone off, mummy will nip to toilet put on boots, coat, hat and scarf! Its then time to grab the pushchair and walk up to the school! Mummy always takes the pushchair up to collect Freddie as he finishes at two forty five and we then have a half hour wait till James finishes school!

Once we have James at three fifteen we head home and watch Cbeebies. Freddie is normally exhausted after playgroup so he will be wanting to eat his tea by quarter past four. Hes then ready for his milk and bed by five pm. Mummy tries to keep him up as long as possible but he is normally in bed and asleep by quarter to six at the lastest.

James will either have his tea when Freddie does or he will eat with mummy once Freddie is in bed. Daddy then gets home from work at about quarter to seven and James will put his pjs on while daddy has his tea. Then Daddy will take James to bed between seven and half past, while mummy will then get out the laptop and makes sure everything is up to date for the next day.

So this is our routine on a playgroup day! Its much different to a normal day when Freddie is at home!

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