Friday 12 January 2018

The First Week Of Playgroup!

So Freddie has completed his first week of playgroup and he absolutely loved it! He only does two sessions a week of three hours a time so he's only away from me for six hours a week.

The playgroup is based at James school and it has its own little playground fenced off from the main playground of the school! The windows face into the main school yard so Freddie has a chance of seeing James when he is outside playing!

Its only a short walk up and as Freddie starts at 1145 he has to take a pack lunch!! As we have not been able to get a lunch bag for him yet that we like he is actually borrowing one from James! He's not a fan of sandwiches so hes taking mini sausage rolls, cheese cubes, sliced cocktail sausages, plus mini breadsticks, fruit drops and raisins! I would rather he has too much food than too little!

Our first walk up to the playgroup was so much fun as we were using our Adventure Belt (review coming soon!). Once the door was open Freddie ran straight in and mummy took of his coat and hung it up with his bag! He then went straight into the playgroup room and didn't look back at mummy! At one pm the phone rang and it was the playgroup! Freddie was having a major meltdown and was screaming! They asked me to go up and collect him at half past one which was fine by me as I was actually missing him! Once I got up there the little monkey had settled down and was happily playing in the water tray! So the staff suggested leaving him till his finish time at quarter to three so I came back home!

When I picked him up he was in such a happy mood and wasn't too keen on climbing into his pushchair, but when he saw mummy had put Iggle Piggle in and also his blanket was there he soon got in! We then went for a short walk before heading back to pick up James! While waiting for James, Freddie decided to pass out as he was so tired! He only had a short cat nap and was awake by twenty past three when we got home with James!

On his second day again we walked up ready for him to start at quarter to twelve! When we got there we found that Freddie now had his own peg so we hung up his coat and bag ready to go in. Then when it was time to go in he had a melt down and started crying and screaming. My heart was in my mouth as I hate hearing my little boy screaming like that, but it was exactly the same scream that he does when we get home from taking James to school or if I leave him to nip to the shop. The staff took him straight off to the water table which is his favourite thing to do. When I picked him up the staff said he only cried for fifteen minutes after I left. But once he had his coat on to come home he started crying again as he saw other children leaving, But as soon as he saw me he stopped crying and started chatting away! 

He finishes at two forty five so since we walk up, I take the pushchair when I go to collect him as I then have to hang around or go for a walk before I collect James at three fifteen. There is literally no point or time to walk home to walk straight back!

Over all I think the first week has gone ok, especially as he has his normal sure start group on a thursday morning! There will be an update in a few weeks at the end of the half term as to how my baby boy is doing in his first steps towards school!


  1. Awww bless him. Alessia was the same , crowd and then was over it after ten minutes lol x hope he enjoys this coming week :) KIRA

  2. How annoying that you have a half an hour wait before picking up his brother. My youngest is starting nursery in February, but they only have one 3 hour session available at the moment. Fortunately it starts 15 minutes after my eldest starts school and it's about 5 minutes walk from the school so we shouldn't have to do too much waiting around. I hope the drop off get's easier.

  3. Awww it sounds like a good first week. Its always so nerve wracking when it's new isn't it.
    My daughter's nursery is in the school but separate and it's so nice to see the other children's seeing their older brothers and sisters. I think it must really help with them settling in

  4. That sounds like a really good start, I’m sure he’ll settle even more as time passes x

  5. It sounds like he’s off to a good start! Hopefully he will settle well this week x

  6. That's fab he has had such a good start! Ava started pre school recently and she likes it too, it's such a relief!

  7. That's fab he has had such a good start! Ava started pre school recently and she likes it too, it's such a relief!