Friday 19 January 2018


When we woke up on Thursday morning the whole of the outside was white!! It had snowed a lot over night! Mummy had been up in the night with a teething Freddie so we had been watching it fall at 1am, The size of the flakes coming down though oh my goodness they were huge! At one point Freddie was sat in his pushchair in front of the open blinds watching the snow fall as it seemed to calm him down!

James was thrilled when he woke up to see it was all white and was dressed so quickly for school as he knew he would be able to go walking in it and of course wear his wellie boots to school!

Pushing the pram with Freddie in up to the school was seriously hard work as the snow was so deep, in fact at times mummy ended up pulling the pram backwards up the paths or walking on the roads in the car tracks! It

Once we got in from school we went into the back garden to play with the snow! This was the first time mummy had let freddie loose in the snow in the garden and to say he loved it was an understatement! He kept giggling his head off at it! Now all mummy needs to do is buy Freddie a pair of wellie boots!!





  1. Oh they look like they had fun! We didn’t get any snow here :( x

  2. Awww what fun, and such cute photos! We had snow over the weekend but, sadly, it didn't settle. I hope we get some more snow soon, as my daughter had so much fun in all the snow we had before Christmas.

  3. Ooh you are so lucky to have had so much snow! It did snow a little here but unfortunately it didn’t stick. I bet the boys just loved it!

  4. We were the exact same! We were snowed in for the last week - the first day was fun, but by the third it was a nightmare! Your boys looked like they had a right good time though! x

  5. I am so jealous, I'm desperate for Rory's first snow!