Friday 5 January 2018

Travel Tips For Families

We have just booked our first family holiday abroad for October 2018 and to say I'm apprehensive about flying with the boys goes without saying! 

 I asked some of my fellow bloggers for any tips and things we should do while in the air! We will be sat two and two, so I will have Freddie who will be almost three when we go and Andy will have James who will be six.

Amy from said - Take lots of snacks because the airport and airplane will be very boring for young children!

Elaine from said - Sticker books! I literally don't travel without them, they are a brilliant boredom buster!

Kati from  said - With babies and toddlers, have plenty to drink, a dummy and lots of food and toys to entertain them. It's easier with older children, especially once they get off your lap. Colouring books, books in general or a little homemade 'I spy' booklet is plenty, as long as the first flight isn't too long. 

Sarah from said - Take snacks and when you think you have enough, take more. They can help with sore ears (Ella’s smoothies for example), they can prevent a tantrum and if fussy eaters keep them going until the next meal 

Kelly from has been a stewardess for over 20 years and has wrote this fantastic post on traveling with Children! I can see this being read and reread before we go away! 

Thanks for all the tips folks! I can see us using a lot of them on our upcoming travels!


  1. Ooo how exciting, good luck!! We've not flown with our 2 as we tend to stick to Europe and drive but am thinking of Florida in the next couple of years! Some great tips there.

  2. What fab advice. We haven't flown with the boys yet but I know I would be nervous too!!

  3. Snacks and activities are definitely an essential for me. Also as we drive to a lot of our holidays, planning lots of stops :)

  4. Ooh a holiday though, worth the trauma of a flight I'd say! I haven't flown with Violet yet so I don't have too many tips, but I hope you all have a wonderful time! :)