Friday 19 January 2018

Messy Little Thing @ Fratello's Jesmond

Now that Freddie is two, he is trying to feed himself his meals more and more, which means more and more mess for mummy and daddy! Daddy even bought us a new hoover to cope with the extra mess!

When the email landed in our inbox inviting us to Fratellos in Jesmond to have lunch and try out some products from Messy Little Thing we were thrilled! Freddie is definitely a messy eater, especially when it's messy food! He has been known to eat his sweet corn one bit at a time and with his fingers, so there is sweet corn and gravy everywhere!
Messy Little Thing are a small business, specialising in bibs and floor mats for weaning and self feeding your baby and toddler. I decided before the event to look at their website and get a feel for the brand. I have to say just from looking at the site I was impressed! I love that the bibs come with a bag so when its dirty you can throw it in the bag and then it won't mess the inside of your changing bag up or under the pram. From looking at the website I saw that their mission was "to enable parents and carers to relax while their kids are eating and playing. And reduce hours spent scrubbing clothes..."

In the past we have used disposable bibs with Freddie and I have found them to be a nightmare as he can rip them off so easy and they also can get ripped before they are even put on as he is not a fan of them!

We had to be at Fratellos for half past one so we left our house about half past eleven as we had about a ten minute walk down to the metro station and we were not sure how long we would have to wait for a train as they are meant to be every ten minutes. Plus mummy always gets lost when leaving Jesmond metro station! Sure enough when we got to Jesmond mummy turned the wrong way out of the metro station and ended up walking round in a circle!

 We had to pre order our food a few days before the event, so mummy chose Carbonara for herself and Chicken Strips for Freddie as its one of his favourite things as he can self feed it to himself! Although I knew that more than likely Freddie would help himself to my meal like he normally does!

When we arrived at about twenty to one and met the lovely PR Fran. Freddie was a little tinker while we were waiting for the set up to be finished! 

Once we were inside Fratello's, we were shown to the table where the products we would be testing were set out for us. Freddie was testing the Apron out along with the Messy Mat! The mat was definitely needed as while Freddie was having a quick snack most of his packet of crackers went all over when he decided to tip it out! Freddie was free to wander around and look out the windows which he loved as the restaurant faced onto the main road so he got to see lots of cars!! He even saw a couple of ambulances which made him very happy!

We then had a quick presentation from Dawn who founded Messy Little Thing and she told us the story behind how she came up with the idea for the cover all bibs! I wish these had been around when James was a baby! I love the fact they have velcro on the wrists, so you can fasten it around your child’s wrists. I lost count at the number of cover all bibs we went through with James where he still got the arms of his tops dirty as they sleeves didn't fit well!!

The apron that Freddie was testing out is one of five products that are now in the Messy Little Thing range! Going from a six month old baby up to the messy toddler which Freddie definitely is!!

The food at Fratello’s was amazing! It was the first time that I had actually been there and would certainly go back! Freddie absolutely loved his chicken strips however he soon got bored of his food and decided mummy’s was much more interesting so he shared some of my meal!


Thank you Messy Little Thing for inviting us to have lunch and test out the products! We have totally fallen in love with the apron and it will certainly be used for more meals and trips out for Freddie! I’m just hoping that James does not try to steal it!


**We were provided with the apron, Two Messy Little Thing t-shirts for the boys and our lunch free of charge in exchange for this review. All words and pictures are our own!**


  1. Oh the food looks lovely! Glad that you had a fab time xx

  2. These sound great, we did baby led weaning with my daughter and she always made such a mess, it was a bit of a stress going out to eat, it would have been nice to have something to help keep the mess contained!

  3. The mess kids make at meal times is unbelievable! Looks like you had a lovely trip and meal.

  4. Anything that makes this period of time easier is welcome. Oscar is 16 months and now loves feeding himself his yogurt - he won't let us do it at all and it goes everywhere! It's hit and miss with the dinners, sometimes we can feed him and sometimes not! There are a lot of bath times in our house at the moment!

  5. Haha I remember the mess mine used to make when they ate! This looks great though and sounds like a fab trip!

  6. I hated the mess that weening brought with it. These items sound perfect to help with that x

  7. Mine use to have it everywhere do this would have been great!!