Wednesday 19 December 2018

Blogmas Day Nineteen

Today is all about Christmas traditions and things from my childhood that I have passed onto the boys!

When I was a child I always got new PJ's to wear on Christmas Eve and this is something we have done with the boys since their very first Christmas. They have always had brand new PJ's to wear for Santa coming!

The next one is we of course always leave out a mince pie for Santa, a drink and a carrot for Rudolph! James gets very excited to do this and I'm sure as Freddie gets older he will get more and more excited for this! 

Another tradition from my childhood is going to the Christingle service at the local church. Now the church I grew up near always holds this on Christmas Eve but the church near where we live now does it the week before Christmas but we haven't actually made it to the service yet. We do try to go to the nativity service on Christmas Eve though with the boys. 

Last year we tried to introduce a Christmas Eve box to the boys but they were not really that interested in it so we might try again once they are a bit older!

What Christmas traditions to you have in your family?

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