Saturday 15 December 2018

Siblings in December

Its finally December and we have completed a whole year of the Siblings Project! I really cannot believe the fact I have managed to do it finally! The last couple of years we have given up after a month or two but 2018 was the year we did it!

Since the last Siblings Project post Freddie has turned three and the boys have started to get really excited in the run up to Christmas! They are loving the fact we are doing Elf on the Shelf again and every morning they get really excited to see what the Elves have done while they were in bed!

James has also had his school fair. Nana and mummy went to pick him up so he could enjoy some time with us without Freddie who stayed back at the house with Gaga! Mummy will be taking Freddie to see Santa again in a few days on a trip with his Playgroup! As well as the fair James has had a PE day at school, Parents evening, Christmas lunch and Christmas Jumper Day! We have the Nativity coming up in a few days!

The boys finish for Christmas this coming week and boy are they excited for the day itself! Freddie is really starting to get into the Christmas mood!

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