Tuesday 25 December 2018

Blogmas Day Twenty Five

Merry Christmas! So Rhul and Elfis have gone back to the North Pole with Santa last night. So here is how we found them for the last few days in the run up to Santa's visit!

On Day 21 the pesky pair decided to sit on top of the mirror in our hall way! I think they might have been been going into the kitchen and got disturbed!

On Day 22 we found them sat on a blanket in the kitchen with some marshmallows. We assumed they were to make the boys some North Pole Cereal!

On Day 23 we found a sign from the elves saying open me! When we opened up the unit we found they had been very naughty and were playing with wires for our phone chargers!

And so finally on Day 24 the pesky pair had decided to have one more night of fun and they took Freddie's scooter for a ride around the lounge! They also left a little message for the boys saying how much they had enjoyed themselves!

I hope you have enjoyed reading about the antics of Rhul and Elfis! I cannot wait to start planning all their tricks for next year! 

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