Friday 21 December 2018

Blogmas Day Twenty One

So its another post of elf watch! The elves have been getting up to so much mischief!
On Day 16 we found the pesky pair had been playing with Freddie's wellies!

On Day 17 Rhul and Elfis decided once again to be helpful or at least try to be helpful! They tried to make mummy a cup of tea but they forgot to put the milk and sweetener into the cup!
On Day 18 Rhul and Elfis climbed into James school bag! I think they wanted to go and watch the nativity as it was on that day! James had been practising all the songs over the weekend so I think they just wanted to join in all the fun!

On Day 19 we found the pesky pair trapped under glasses in our kitchen! Rhul blaming Elfis and Elfis blaming Rhul! I wonder who actually did trap who!

On Day 20 we found the cheeky elves had been playing on our old phone cable! 

The final elf watch will go live on Christmas Day!

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