Thursday 22 May 2014

Bed Time Battle

Some nights its such a battle trying to get James into bed. If we are at my parents house then hes asking for his nana or his gaga. If we are at home hes asking for daddy, now thats fine if daddy is at home but if its a night like tonight when daddy is at work he gets upset n goes looking for daddy.

James used to like daddy holding him and walking round his room singing songs to him and that was the only way he would go to sleep. Now all he wants is to lie cuddled into mummy and listen to songs on mummies phone. 

Tonight though James kept getting up and wandering off, I could hear him playing in his room with baby tad or his Ewan the dream sheep. Then he would wander back into our room cuddle back into me and ask for song.

Eventually after an hour of this he finally settled down and dropped off with his head on my shoulder.

We have in the past tried putting James into his room awake (this was before we even thought about moving!) and returning him to his bed every time he got up. But he got so distressed with this method we had to stop. Plus it means he gets used to going to sleep in different places - not just in his own bed.

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