Sunday 11 May 2014

Family weekend

Wow I'm actually doing what I said and writing on here.

Been a nice weekend with Andy and James. Andy is off work on a Friday and only works every other Saturday so this weekend was one of our three day weekends together.

Friday is always our shopping day. Once we all dressed and fed we hop on the metro to our nearest tesco and do our weeks shop.

Since we moved we have done this every week. We take our list and try our best to stick to it. This past Friday we went with our list and stuck to it! We didn't buy anything that wasnt wrote down.

Saturday we had a busy day planned. We were off to the metro centre to meet my parents. We had to take our pushchair back to the store to get chassis replaced after 3 months as handle had split. We also bought our Heart of a thousand crystals. We then popped into the other big tesco In Gateshead to see if they had the bits we couldnt find in our tesco. We then got soaked in a down pour as we went back across to the metro station.

So that brings us to today, Sunday. Well today we went to a Baby & toddler nearly new sale near where we live. Got James a few bits then came home and sorted out his clothes case with all the stuff we buy in sales in the next size up.

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