Saturday 24 May 2014

Boogie Wipes Review - Using the wipes

I have to start by saying these wipes are absolutely fantastic.

They rip open so easy and are brilliant for just slipping into a pocket when you are on your way out, especially if like me you take a massive changing bag out you then dont need to go routing through pockets to find one.

If you have a child like mine who hates having his nose wipped and always tries to wipe his nose with his hand its brilliant. James actually didn't run away and he kept grabbing the wipe and putting it back up to his nose then he tries to wipe my nose with it. When we try to wipe his nose with a baby wipe or a tissue he screams big time, kicks off and then runs away.

I will definitely be keeping a stash of these at home to use in the house and also out and about. 

They are also brilliant for adults to use as well especially when you have a cold and find normal tissues hurt your nose when you are blowing it.

Over all I give these a massive ten out of ten! 

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