Thursday 15 May 2014

Parent and Toddler Groups

Since we recently moved I have started attending Brunton Park toddler group on a Thursday morning with James.

We have been three times now and James and myself absolutely love it. It gets us out of the house for a couple of hours and it gets James mixing with other kids his age and also older and younger kids.

At the session we were at today there was play doh, jigsaws, little tikes cars, plus a play kitchen, a play house and a play shop. James had a ball. We also got our popolo ceramics back from a few weeks ago.

There is also a snack time where the kids get a drink and either fruit or this week it was biscuits. James loved his custard cream.

I can say since we started attending James has come out of his shell alot and his speech is getting better.

Overall best decision I made was taking him there.

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