Thursday 8 February 2018

First Half Term of Playgroup

So Freddie has completed his first half term at Playgroup and its actually gone ok. He is pretty lucky that a little girl he has known since he was tiny from Sure Start comes in the afternoons after she finishes in the school nursery!

On his first couple of days he got quite upset, although on his first day he ran in and then cried after I had left. They actually called me to come and collect him early but by the time I got there he had settled right down and was having a ball in the water tray! On his second day he burst into tears as I went to leave. Both days though he soon cheered up and enjoyed himself! Although on his first day he found the water tray and absolutely soaked himself from head to toe, But thats Freddie for you! He absolutely loves playing in water!!

His second week he was only in one day as we had a prior engagement with Messy Little Thing. He was very excited on the way up as it was snowing a little bit! He also kept stopping to look at trees, cars and basically anything that was a vehicle as they are a massive distraction to him! When we got to playgroup, the outside door was open so we went in and put his lunch box on the cart and went to hang up his bag. He had a few tears when he went in, but the staff are brilliant and knew to distract him straight away with water and sand!! By the time I got to the outside door and into the yard he was no longer crying! When I went to pick him up he was crying a little bit, but they said he had only started crying when they put his coat on him to come home. 

His third week started with tears when we got there! All morning before it was time to go, Freddie had been going to our front door shouting I go now! Once he had his coat on he was pulling me towards the door! He was full of chatter all the way up, but once we walked through the game he literally tried to turn around and walk away! Mummy had to pick him up and carry him into the cloak room. We put his lunch on the cart and went to hang up his coat. Luckily one of the staff members came out of the classroom and greeted him and picked him up saying come on Freddie lets go and watch some Peppa while we wait for everyone else to join us! They know that Freddie LOVES Peppa so its a good distraction! When I collected him, he was standing in one of the windows looking for me and they said he had a few tears when he went to put his coat on, but that is normal for Freddie, hes definitely not a fan of putting his coat on!

His second weekly session had a much easier start. He still had a few tears but he actually got into the building and coat off before he cried! But he had stopped crying before I had even left the room! At pick up he was absolutely brilliant! He was chatting away and no tears at all! This was the first time I had collected him and he had not been in tears! The next day we were in Sure Start and he saw some of the staff in the yard with the children and he got so excited to see them and was shouting hiya!

His fourth week well this week started with tears before we even got half way up the road towards the gate! Mummy had to pick him up and carry him into the cloakroom to hang up his bag and coat! By the time mummy was out the door and into the yard I couldn't hear him crying at all! When mummy collected him he came bouncing out with one of his little friends that he has known since he was tiny all chat!! 

His second weekly session started the same as the first! Lots of tears before we even got to the gate! We were a little bit early that day, so had to wait about five minutes before he was able to to in and in that time he stopped crying all together and was full of chat, however once the door opened for him to go in he started crying again so one of the staff had to pick him up and carry him in! At pick up though he was so happy and full of chat!

And his fifth week, well poor Freddie actually didn't go to playgroup this week as the poor boy ended up with a nasty viral infection while he was staying at his nana and gaga's house. He was up screaming the house down with pain in his ears.

Over all I think starting playgroup has been a huge success for Freddie and he definitely needed it to get used to being away from mummy and daddy ready for starting his free hours this time next year once he has turned three! 

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