Sunday 4 February 2018

Train Travel with Kids!

We are soon taking the first of our two big trips! We are traveling from Newcastle to London, then across London on the underground and then onto another train out to Walton on Thames where Andy's parents live.

Now that James is five we have a family railcard so we get 60% off James ticket and a third off mine and Andy's. Last time we travelled that distance James was only 4 so he didn't get a seat and it meant four of us squashed into two seats till the train quietened down and myself and Freddie could move into empty unbooked seats.

This time I want to be prepared and not just rely on the tablet to keep both boys occupied. For the last few weeks when ever I have been out I have been looking in Poundland, Tesco and Tiger for little toys and games to keep the boys amused.

First off I picked up these little blox sets for James at Tesco. I think these were £1 each. We have a digger and a police car. He will have one in his bag for going down and I will have the other in the suitcase for on the way home.

I also picked up a couple of match box cars at Tesco for 90p each. James has loads of these at home and both boys play with them so these will keep them both amused on the train and also at their grandparents house.

Next up I picked a bag of plastic animals. These are mainly for Freddie but I think James will end up playing with them as well.

I picked up a set of eight toy cars at poundland and split them between the boys so there would be no arguing over the cars like normal!

The last thing that I packed was some sticker books! I grabbed these from Aldi in the Baby and Toddler event for 99p each. We have one on colours and one on shapes, then we have one on diggers and one on trucks and cars. I have put two of these into the bag for on the train and the other two are in the case for on the way back! No doubt the boys will both get some new toys when we are away as James has been asking to go to the Lego store!

Fingers crossed that these keep the boys amused on the trains!

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