Monday 26 February 2018

Living Arrows 2018 9/53

Welcome back to Living Arrows week 9 for 2018!
After a crazy busy half term holiday which resulted in mummy, James and Freddie only having two nights in our house, It's so nice to be back to the routine of school and playgroup this week!

This week James has been loving being back at school with all his friends especially as he missed some time before the holidays due to being ill! After school on Friday evening James decided he was going to teach Freddie how to play Pop Up Pirate which now seems to be a favourite game with both of the boys! They were so cute playing together! I love that they are at the age now where they can play quite nicely together and I don't have to worry about leaving them and having to come in the referee fights!


Freddie has been back at playgroup and poor thing has gone back to square one with his crying when he's dropped off! Tuesday he was clinging to me so bad. Wednesday he wasn't too bad he went in crying, but when I picked him up he came bouncing out full of chat! He's also been enjoying testing out his new SnoozeShade Plus Deluxe (full review coming soon!)

I'm really pleased that I have got two months into Living Arrows this year! I'm really hopeful that I can complete it this year!

Living Arrows

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