Wednesday 28 February 2018

Our Weekend Happy

Welcome back to another post on what we have done on the weekend!

So as normal we started the weekend at three fifteen when we collected James from school! We came home and both boys had their after school snack, while mummy opened some windows as the living room stank from changing Freddie's sticky nappy before we left for the school run!

While mummy finished cooking the roast chicken dinner for tea and doing the washing up the boys were playing in the living room and mummy came in to find Freddie jumping on James!

Later on after tea the boys and mummy had a game of pop up pirate! James absolutely loves this game and this was the first time we had tried to play it with Freddie! He was having a ball putting the swords in and shouting my "turn my turn!"



Once Daddy was home it was getting near to bed time and daddy was going to put Freddie down in his room but  Freddie was having none of it and was shouting for his mummy! So Freddie ended up in mummy and daddy's bed while daddy put James to sleep! I think we have the last of the molars coming in as he was really grumpy in his sleep!

Saturday started at 6am when Freddie woke up demanding Peppa! So mummy put on Netflix so we could get a little bit more sleep till James woke up an hour later, Then it was breakfast time for the boys and Milkshake on channel 5!

Mummy and Freddie then popped to Tesco to go and get Freddie some passport photos taken as we need to get the boys passports done asap before the price shoots up in March. While Mummy was at Tesco James stayed back at home with daddy and did his maths homework! The rest of the day was just spent chilling out and watching the rugby!

Sunday Mummy and Freddie did a little shop at Aldi to top us up on little bits as we are trying to eat out the Freezer again as it is pretty jam packed and needs emptying! Then it was chill out for the rest of the day before school on Monday! And of course Sunday night finishes with Dancing On Ice which mummy adores and now James does too!

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