Saturday 8 December 2018

Blogmas Day eight

Today's post is all about the end of term and what the boys have been up to at school and playgroup and also what is going to be happening in the last couple of weeks of term!

James has been very busy so far this December, He's had his school Christmas fair and preparations are well underway for the Key Stage One Nativity. 

We have also the Project outcome presentation for parents on what the kids have learned this term. Mummy had a really good time at the project outcome as the kids sung a sea shanty which James has been singing for weeks in the house! In fact he has sung it so much that Freddie knows some of it!

When it was the fair day, mummy got to pick James up at half past one so he could enjoy the fair with me and get an early finish from school!!

Freddie again has been doing lots of crafty things at playgroup, The playgroup decorated a community tree at one of the local churches last week that sadly we couldn't go to as it clashed with James school fair and there is a planned visit to Santa in a couple of weeks. Mummy is not sure yet if we are going to go to that as Freddie wasn't too keen on santa when we went to see him a few weeks ago! And finally the last day of term is party day for playgroup where Freddie will be given a time to go in even though it is not one of his normal days! Its strange to think hes only got a couple more weeks of just two sessions a week before he goes 15 hours a week from 7th January!

What Christmas activities have your children been up to at school?

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